Self-Regulation & Well-Being

Atlas Learning Zone’s approach is to meet each child at their individual level on their learning journey. The Learning Activities provided are comprehensive and require adult guidance to facilitate the learning process.


Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Ontario, the Kindergarten program is made up of four “frames”, or broad areas of learning:

  • Frame 1: Belonging and Contributing
  • Frame 2: Self-Regulation and Well-Being
  • Frame 3: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours
  • Frame 4: Problem Solving and Innovating

These frames capture children’s learning and development with respect to:

  • Their sense of connectedness to others
  • Their relationships with others, and their contributions as part of a group, a community, and the natural world
  • Their understanding of relationships and community, and of the ways in which people contribute to the world around them

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