Demonstrating Literacy & Mathematical Behaviours

Atlas Learning Zone’s approach is to meet each child at their individual level on their learning journey. The Learning Activities provided are comprehensive and require adult guidance to facilitate the learning process.


Overall Curriculum Expectations

Communication: Children learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings using gestures, physical movements, words, symbols, and representations. They also use a variety of materials to express themselves effectively.

Literacy: Children develop literacy behaviors by using language, images, and materials to think critically about ideas and emotions. They begin to read and write, and they learn to listen, speak, view, and represent.

Mathematics: Children develop mathematical behaviors by using concepts of number and pattern during play and inquiry. They also learn to access, manage, create, and evaluate information and experience an emergent understanding of mathematical relationships, concepts, skills, and processes.

Active Engagement: The program encourages active engagement in learning and a love of learning, which can instill a habit of lifelong learning.

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