The Arts

Atlas Learning Zone is designed to cater to every student’s unique learning journey. Our Learning Activities are comprehensive and require guided instruction from an adult, while Resources for Learning, Apply the Learning prompts, and Vocabulary lists work well to reinforce specific skills or to enable independent exploration of a subject.


Overall Curriculum Expectations

In grade 8 Dance, students develop their kinesthetic awareness and use all the elements of dance (body, space, time, energy, relationship) to create dance works that express a point of view about a variety of issues, concepts, and themes. In grade 8 Drama, students focus on role-playing and developing believable characters as foundational components of both process drama and theatre performance. In grade 8 Music, students perform in a variety of ensembles and use musical knowledge, musicianship, and creative abilities to create musical works for specific purposes. In Grade 8 Visual Arts, studentsโ€™ art-making becomes infused with a variety of images and approaches. They are very aware of elements from popular culture and eager to incorporate them into their art.

The arts curriculum is divided into four strands:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts

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