History & Geography

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

In the history curriculum offered by Atlas Learning Zone, students delve into the history of Canada, studying the experiences and challenges faced by people living in Canada during the early twentieth century and comparing them with present-day experiences. They examine the impact of the Indian Act, the residential school system, the Numbered Treaties, and systemic racism on Indigenous individuals and communities, gaining insight into the inequalities present in our society today. They also learn that many of the rights and freedoms enjoyed today are the result of actions taken by people to change their lives.

The geography curriculum teaches students about the physical features and processes of the Earth to help them understand the relationship between the Earth and human settlement patterns. Students learn where people live and why, as well as the impact of human settlement and land use on the environment. Additionally, they study factors affecting economic development and quality of life on a global scale and examine responses to global inequalities.

The history and geography curriculum is divided into two strands:

  • History
    • Creating Canada, 1850-1890
    • Canada, 1890-1914: A Changing Society
  • Geography
    • Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability
    • Global Inequalities: Economic Development and Quality of Life

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