Health & Physical Education

Atlas Learning Zone caters to students at all levels of their learning journey. Our Learning Activities are comprehensive and require guided instruction, while Resources for Learning, Apply the Learning prompts, and Vocabulary lists are great for reinforcing specific skills or for independent exploration. Here are some tips to make the most out of Atlas Learning Zone:


Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Grade 8, students at Atlas Learning Zone focus on developing their relationship skills. They learn how to recognize and cope with stress and challenges in positive ways, to build resilience and a positive attitude. Students also develop self-awareness and self-confidence, which nurtures a sense of identity and belonging. Other areas of focus in the Grade 8 curriculum include:

  • Understanding the connections between physical and mental health and what motivates people to be physically active
  • Exploring physical fitness activities, including factors affecting fitness and the application of training principles
  • Emphasizing the use of manipulation skills in combination and in relation to external stimuli in the playing area
  • Studying personal safety and injury prevention in a wider variety of situations and environments, including online and virtual environments
  • Making connections between personal health and the physical and mental health and well-being of others

Overall, the Grade 8 curriculum at Atlas Learning Zone is organized into four distinct but related strands: Social-Emotional Learning Skills, Healthy Living, Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts, and Strategies, and Active Living.

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