History and Geography

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

Atlas Learning Zone’s history curriculum covers social, political, economic, and legal changes in Canada between 1713 and 1850. Students explore the experiences and challenges faced by various groups, including First Nations, Mรฉtis, and Inuit communities. They will also investigate different perspectives on issues in eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century Canada, including the impact of the shift in European imperial powers. Additionally, students will learn about various groups that existed in colonial Canada and how they were affected by the conflicts and changes of that period. By applying the concept of historical thinking to their study of Canadian history, students will gain a deeper understanding of life in colonial Canada.

The geography curriculum at Atlas Learning Zone focuses on exploring opportunities and challenges presented by the physical environment and how people around the world have responded to them. Students will examine the relationship between Earth’s physical features and the distribution and use of natural resources. They will also explore ways of preserving global resources and extract and analyze information from various sources, including maps, graphs, photographs, digital representations, and geographic information systems.

The history and geography curriculum at Atlas Learning Zone is divided into two strands each:

  • History:
    • New France and British North America, 1713-1800
    • Canada, 1800-1850: Conflict and Challenges
  • Geography:
    • Physical Patterns in a Changing World
    • Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability

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