The Arts

Atlas Learning Zone is an adaptive learning platform that caters to each student’s individual learning journey. The platform provides a range of resources to assist students in reinforcing specific skills or encouraging independent exploration of a subject. To maximize the platform’s potential, we’ve compiled some tips.


Overall Curriculum Expectations

In the Grade 6 arts curriculum of Atlas Learning Zone, students are encouraged to be creative on a daily basis. The arts curriculum is divided into four strands: Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual Arts. Here’s a quick overview of each strand:

  • Dance: In Grade 6 Dance, students expand their movement vocabulary in response to various stimuli, choose appropriate forms, and manipulate dance elements such as relationship, time, and energy.
  • Drama: The Grade 6 Drama curriculum aims to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of drama. They also explore dramatic works of art through the lives of people in different times, places, and cultures.
  • Music: Students in Grade 6 develop their ability to read music notation and apply their knowledge of the elements of music through performing, creating, and listening. They also explore various aspects of standard notation.
  • Visual Arts: In Grade 6, the focus of visual arts is to help students extend their exploration of relationships and personal experience in their own world by using a broader range of subject matter and media to produce works of art.

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