Health & Physical Education

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

The Grade 6 Health and Physical Education curriculum is aimed at helping students develop communication and social skills and behaviors necessary to work effectively with others. They will continue to develop their identity, increase their awareness of self, and enhance their skills in identifying and managing emotions, managing stress, and embracing optimism and positive motivation.

By understanding the factors that motivate or hinder participation in daily physical activity and finding ways to overcome obstacles to participation, students expand their ability to take responsibility for their fitness. They will continue to build their understanding of the relationship between physical and mental health. Students will also develop stability and locomotor skills, learn to perform various combinations of movements, and associate movement skills with specific manipulation skills. Additionally, students will learn how to assess risk, respond to dangerous situations in person and online, and protect themselves from a variety of social dangers, including bullying, abuse, violence, and a range of technology-related risks. They will also build on their understanding of consent and healthy relationships.

The expectations for health and physical education are organized into four distinct but related strands:

  • Social-Emotional Learning Skills
  • Active Living
  • Movement Competence: Skills,
  • Concepts, and Strategies
  • Healthy Living

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