Social Studies

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Grade 5 social studies, students will learn about the key characteristics of various Indigenous nations and European settler communities prior to 1713, in what would eventually become Canada. Using resources such as treaties, historical images, and diaries they will investigate, from a variety of perspectives, relationships within and interactions between these communities as well as the impact of colonialism. Students will also develop their understanding of how historical events during this time have had an impact on present-day Canada and continue to do so.

Students will explore the responsibilities of Canadian citizens and levels of government as well as develop an understanding of personal, cultural, and national identities and how they contribute to Canadian heritage. They will continue to develop their ability to examine current issues from various perspectives by investigating a Canadian social and/or environmental issue from the point of view of a variety of stakeholders and they will develop plans of action to address these issues.

The social studies curriculum is divided into two strands:

  • Heritage and Identity: Interactions of Indigenous Peoples and Europeans prior to 1713, in What Would Eventually Become Canada
  • People and Environment: The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

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