Health & Physical Education

Atlas Learning Zone has been designed to cater to every student’s individual needs on their learning journey. The Learning Activities require guided instruction from an adult, whereas the Resources for Learning, Apply the Learning prompts, and Vocabulary lists work exceptionally well to reinforce specific skills or allow independent exploration of a subject. Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of Atlas Learning Zone:


Overall Curriculum Expectations

Grade 5 expectations aim to develop learners’ knowledge and skills required for physical and health literacy. Learners gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to their physical and mental health and that of others in their family and community. However, the focus is on making personal health-related choices and decisions while frequently questioning, integrating, analyzing, and applying information. Students continue to develop their locomotor and fine motor skills and improve the quality of movement by combining motor skills in sequence, examining how to relate these concepts and principles to their movement skills to further develop their sense of self and identity as competent movers.

  • Social-Emotional Learning Skills
  • Active Living
  • Movement Competence: Skills, Concepts, and Strategies
  • Healthy Living

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