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Overall Curriculum Expectations

At Atlas Learning Zone, our FSL curriculum for Grade 5 is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to communicate effectively in French for a variety of purposes. As beginning language learners, students will learn new vocabulary that will help them introduce their interests and hobbies, describe emotions, identify elements in the community, give directions, and explore various French-speaking communities, among others.

Using reading, listening, speaking, and writing strategies, students will develop the ability to understand and interact for authentic purposes and real-life situations. They will use prior knowledge to make predictions when listening to oral French texts, respond appropriately to questions about familiar topics in paired and small-group exchanges, and identify important information and make personal connections using graphic organizers. Additionally, when producing oral communication, they will prepare brief, rehearsed messages in French using familiar words and expressions while speaking with a smooth pace, appropriate intonation, and accurate pronunciation. Students will also gain an appreciation of culture in French-speaking communities in Canada by exploring various artists, festivals and traditions.

The expectations for FSL are organized into four distinct but interrelated strands:

  • Listening: Develop the ability to understand spoken French in a variety of contexts
  • Speaking: Communicate effectively in French for various purposes
  • Reading: Understand written French texts for various purposes
  • Writing: Write in French for various purposes

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