Social Studies

Atlas Learning Zone is designed to cater to each student’s unique learning journey. The platform offers various resources that can reinforce specific skills or allow independent exploration of a subject, such as Resources for Learning, Apply the Learning prompts, and Vocabulary lists. On the other hand, Learning Activities are comprehensive and require guided instruction from an adult.


Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Grade 4 Social Studies on Atlas Learning Zone, students delve deeper into how we examine the past by exploring social organization, daily life, and the relationship between societies and the environment. They will study various societies, including First Nation and Inuit societies, from different regions and eras, representing diverse cultures. This will help them compare the interrelationship between daily life and the environment in these societies with that of present-day Canada.

Furthermore, the curriculum aims to develop students’ understanding of the connections between the past and present and the interactions within and between diverse communities, including First Nations, Mรฉtis, and Inuit communities, as well as the interactions within their own community.

The social studies curriculum on Atlas Learning Zone comprises two strands:

  • Heritage and Identity: Early Societies to 1500 CE
  • People and Environment: Political and Physical Regions of Canada

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