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Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Grade 4, French as a second language students will start interacting with authentic French materials and gain the skills necessary to communicate in French for various purposes. As beginner language learners, they will learn new vocabulary to introduce themselves, share personal opinions, discuss time and weather, describe food, and explore French-speaking celebrations, among other things.

Through reading, listening, speaking, and writing strategies, students will develop the ability to interpret and respond effectively in diverse social settings. They will follow teacher modeling when producing oral communication, engage in brief, structured spoken interactions, learn familiar language structures and patterns, and respond to questions requiring a brief answer, and make connections to personal experiences between themselves and French-speaking communities. When reading, they will apply their knowledge and understanding of new vocabulary and language conventions to interpret meaning and make connections. Students will also gain an appreciation for the culture of French-speaking communities in Canada and around the world.

The expectations for French as a second language are organized into four distinct but interrelated strands:


  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

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