Social Studies

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

In Grade 2 Social Studies, students will expand their understanding of both their local and global communities. Students will learn about a variety of traditions within their families and local communities and develop an understanding of how these traditions contribute to and enrich their own community, as well as Canadian society as a whole. They will explore communities around the world, developing an awareness of the relationship between location, climate, physical features, and how people live in different communities. Students will use the inquiry process to investigate traditions, ways of life, and relationships with the environment in local and global communities.

Students will have opportunities to explore various topics, enabling them to understand interactions within and between diverse communities, including First Nations, Mรฉtis, and Inuit communities, as well as their own. They will examine the impact of colonialism and learn about the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship. Students will also develop an understanding of personal, cultural, and national identities, as well as various contributions to heritage in Canada.

The Social Studies curriculum is divided into four strands:

  • Heritage and Identity: Changing Family and Community Traditions
  • People and Environment: Global Communities

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