Social Studies

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

Overview of the Curriculum
In Grade 1 Social Studies, students will delve into various roles, relationships, and responsibilities, exploring the reasons why these may change and how they are linked to one’s identity, culture, and self-awareness. They will cultivate an appreciation for treating all individuals with respect and responsibility, as well as caring for the environment. The curriculum also covers the characteristics and services of the local community, the ways in which it meets the needs of its inhabitants, and the social and environmental obligations of citizens at different levels of government.

Students will have the opportunity to explore diverse topics, which will aid in developing an understanding of interactions within and between different communities, including First Nations, Mรฉtis, and Inuit communities and their own. They will learn about the inquiry process and apply it when conducting investigations. Additionally, they will study the impact of colonialism, its ongoing effects, and the rights and responsibilities linked with citizenship.

The social studies curriculum is divided into two strands: Heritage and Identity, which covers Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities, and People and Environment, which focuses on the Local Community.

  • Heritage and Identity: Our Changing Roles and Responsibilities
  • People and Environment: The Local Community

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