Science & Technology

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Overall Curriculum Expectations

Science is an exciting way of understanding and describing the natural and physical world. It involves developing connections between skills, concepts, and the practical applications of science and technology. The study of science covers a range of topics, including life systems, matter and energy, structures and mechanisms, and Earth and space systems. At Atlas Learning Zone, we believe in empowering students with important scientific literacy and technological skills that will enable them to thrive in today’s rapidly changing world, as well as their future professional and personal lives, and to become active problem solvers in their communities. Our STEM education program applies scientific and engineering design processes to develop a sense of wonder about the world, to explore curiosity about what is observed, and to investigate problems related to science, technology, society, and the environment.

Our science and technology curriculum is divided into five strands:

  • STEM Skills and Connections: Develop the skills and connections necessary to apply the scientific and engineering design process to real-world problems.
  • Life Systems: Study the needs and characteristics of living things and explore the interdependence of life on Earth.
  • Matter and Energy: Investigate energy in our lives and examine the properties and changes of matter.
  • Structures and Mechanisms: Explore everyday materials, objects, and structures to learn about their properties and functions.
  • Earth and Space Systems: Study daily and seasonal changes on Earth and explore the relationships between the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

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